Friday, September 2, 2011

Ten Things Friday

I was at school late for open house yesterday, and you know I already pushed it back from Tuesday, so I thought...meh....I'll post it today.

1) In case you couldn't tell from my rambles, school has started. I love my new job, but holy cow it's exhausting. I've been in bed before 9:30 more times than a gal in her twenties should.

2) Speaking of age, the older I get, the more I appreciate an early bedtime. Kev and I have been going to bed super early and reading until we go to sleep. The quiet is bliss.

3) Kev and I went grocery shopping at our favorite local Mexican grocery on Monday. We were terrible about grocery shopping this summer, and I forgot how nice it is to have many food options each night.

4) Because we hadn't grocery shopped, we'd been eating garbage foods all summer. I didn't lose a single pound despite training for a freaking half marathon. Oops.

5) I saw a number on the scale that was terrifying yesterday. See above.

6)Thank goodness my sister and I decided to do a half together at the end of October. I may need it.

7) Teaching junior high is awesome. They understand sarcasm, and their awkwardness makes me feel so much better about myself.

8) Although, I will admit, I don't think I could do some of their math homework. I need to re-learn the rules of positive and negative numbers.

9) Or do I? When do I really need to know if a quotient will be positive or negative in a given equation?

10) On my birthday, I found a sheet of kitten pictures on my desk.

If that's not a junior high sign of affection, I don't know what is.