Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hell Spawn

Every single morning at 5:30, the moment the alarm goes off, the Hell Spawns begin clawing at our bedroom. I then attempted to outsmart them, yes - I had to type "attempted." I started bringing our squirt bottle into the bedroom, and would open the door a crack and start spraying them, causing them to scatter.

This worked for about 4 days...

Starting the 4th day, the cats would still claw at the door, but then as soon as they heard me get off the bed, they would scatter. I would open the door, bottle in hand, and there would be no cats. As soon as I closed the door, they would come back to scratch! As soon as Colie gets up and starts showering, they're done clawing for the day! I cannot figure out a way to stop them. I'm getting outsmarted by two brains that combine to be the size of my fist!

They've come a long way from this:

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