Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 Things-Randoms

1) Doesn't this blog look magnificent? I had been wanting to do a major blog overhaul for, well, ever, but don't have the html skills to really pull off doing it. Luckily Jessica at Diamond Doll Design ran a flash sale, and lo and behold, you are looking at the results. Thank goodness for the technologically savvy. I am certainly not one of them. Jessica was amazingly easy and speedy to work with. Huzzah!

2) Last night, I took a walk with a friend and we passed a festive Starbucks. In said Starbucks, there was an approximately four year old boy with his nose pressed up to the window and his tongue out, slowly licking the glass. Yikes.

3) Upon seeing said boy, I quietly thanked the Lord that I no longer teach kindergarten. My junior high kids have the good sense to keep their disgustingness a little more hidden.

4) As previously mentioned, we've been living a 90% vegetarian lifestyle. I've realized that while I have tons of energy, dinner options are limited. Leave a comment if you have a delicious meal for me to concoct.

5) I chopped my hair the Friday after Thanksgiving. Yesterday, had a poll open regarding Katy Perry's new hairdo. Methinks she stole mine. Harumph. See?

6) My mom would keel over if I showed up with platinum and pink hair for the holidays. I think it could be festive.

7) Kev has his fancy schmancy holiday party at the Museum of Contemporary Art on Friday. I may or may not have purchased a new dress that I may or may not now be concerned about fitting into.

8) I googled "ugly christmas sweater shops" and this popped up. What. The. Fudge.

9) I have been dragging myself out of bed this week and getting to school later and later. Oopsies. Bad Colie. Thank goodness traffic has cooperated and I haven't been late.

10) I have a meeting after school with a boss that terrifies me, so I spent way too much time this morning looking for a power outfit. Do other people do this, or am I a weirdo?

What random thoughts are you pondering today?
What does your power outfit look like? Mine almost always involves boots and a cardigan.


  1. the blog looks terrific Nicole! We are eating vegetarian as a week-long challenge and Joe made ratatouille tonight! wonderfully delightful and according to the chef, super easy. he used a recipe from smitten kitchen:
    i can't wait to check out the book you recommended... maybe this will be longer than a week-long thing!

  2. I've got to know more about this Power Outfit thing. Since having the baby, I've been a little too lax about my weight and can only fit into about 5 outfits. None of them are powerful.

    Thanks for sharing the random thoughts--the do looks great!

  3. I know this post was a long time ago, but if you're still almost vegetarian you might want to check out . It's actually my Mum's blog, but it's got all sorts of predominantly vegetarian dishes you could try; some of the meals are quick/simple and some are more interesting/complicated. Mia :)

  4. Mia- Thanks for the tip! I took a quick skim though and it looks like a lot of great info! I'll definitely be stopping back by for some more cooking information!