Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back from Summer Break!


So.... I spent the summer pretty much enjoying our last summer of complete freedom with my guy, and rather than a lengthy catch-up post (because the two readers I have left at this point don't really care....) I'm stealing an outline from BethAnne and getting pumped about the fall. Here's what's running through my brain at the moment, and hopefully I can manage to get more posts up soon :)

Currently I am…
reading When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead- I'm almost done with this amazingly suspenseful middle grades read. Part realistic fiction, part fantasy, with huge twists at the end, I am going to be demanding all of my reluctant readers read this as soon as they can pry it out of my hands. I also started the first Outlander book as my "adult" read because the fall always makes me want to get sucked into epic, chunky reads. On deck for October, I also want to re-read the first two Divergent books in celebration while I am patiently... 

waiting to read Allegiant, the final book in the Divergent trilogy. I cannot wait and am planning on going on lock-down in my home under covers for two straight days to find out what happens.I cannot seriously wait. Also, patiently waiting for March when, (if you don't know me in real life, this still may not be shocking) Baby Gas is going to make his or her appearance! In the meantime, I'm also waiting for the day when (if!) my RA goes into preggo remission, I can stay awake at night past 9 pm on a weeknight, and for the weekend morning when I still don't get up at 7. Can't a sister sleep in once in a while?
feeling gratitude. So, so, thankful for a so-far healthy 17 week old baby. So thankful for the man by my side who makes me dinner, doesn't complain when I fall asleep during "our" shows, and gets a little teary eyed when I come home with a pair of ridiculous puppy shaped slippers because Argon (the third noble Gas/working title for our little one since we aren't finding out the sex) needed them. Grateful for the support network of people who are so excited for us. Grateful for a work environment of loving, supportive people, even when it gets challenging.
eating pizza. We ordered pizza last Thursday, had pizza again on Saturday (deep dish, this time!) with my favorite father in law, and had free pizza at the bar while watching the Bears again on Sunday. Nibbling on leftovers this week. I think this baby may come out being part garlic/cheese/ranch.
dreaming of crisp fall days of boots and leggings, finding a day care that won't cost us an equivalent amount to our mortgage, cloth diapers, sleeping late, and quality time with my guy. Also, I had a really amazing dream last night involving me and Nick Miller from New Girl last night...thank you hormones. 
quoting Emerson in my classroom...and in my brain

working on writing two vocab quizzes for tomorrow, a pre-observation form for my boss, on prepping the rest of the Short Stories Unit for my language arts class, and on compiling my student-written updates for my classroom website. 
listening to Fritz and the Tantrums! On a major kick lately. Also, loving the whole Lorde ep.
wearing new shoes today! Also, stretchy pants, a dress, and glasses. Rocking the whole nerdy academic look today with oxfords and a cardigan. Also, how does one wear lady oxfords. Specifically, these: 

Am I cool enough to pull them off?
In October I would love to:

  • find fun, out of the ordinary date nights to do with Kev
  • blog three times a week
  • decide what the plan is for my maternity leave (regular length? extended?)
  • sleep in past 9 on more than one occasion
  • make more time for my friends
  • see my family more than once
Comment or post below so I know you are still out there! What are your goals/hopes/daydreams this month?
Thanks for sticking with me, imaginary friends. This summer I felt like I had everything and nothing to write about, so clearly I chose nothing. I missed you, though. I promise to be a better friend :)



    I have Allegiant on my calendar. I don't care how dorky that makes me. Also, Outlander is SPECTACULAR. Most people struggle through book 2, but it's worth it because book 3 (Voyager) will blow your mind.

  2. Yesssss......good to know I'm not alone on all of these accounts. I always knew we were kindred spirits :)

  3. Ummm...Outlander as in Diana Gabaldon? I reluctantly began that book on the advice of a bunch of retired ladies from OT who FORCED a copy into my hands.....and then proceeded to hibernate with each successive volume. The seventh one weighs 46 pounds....and I loved it. Get it, girl.