Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Vacation

Let me tell you a little bit about my family. I am the oldest of four kids (spawned in seven years, no less). My parents are quirky, hilarious, and still happily in love after thirty years of marriage. My mom recently graduated from a three year masters' program in clinical nursing. Kev fits right in. We are pretty awesome.

To celebrate my mom's recent graduation, we headed up to my parents' lake house on a teensy lake in Wisconsin. Kev stayed for the first weekend, and I decided to stay a few extra days. Because, you know, I can. Go summer vacation. During this extended period of time with all of us in one place. I made the following observations.

Water trampolines are awesome.

I am getting too old to wander around without makeup on. Especially compared to my model-esque younger sister.

Going on vacation with my parents automatically makes me act like a child. I think I left this glass of blackberry lemonade out all day long, much to my mother's consternation.

The Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha, Wisconsin makes the best bloody marys ever. Oh, and smoked string cheese. String cheese that tastes like summer sausage? Yes, please.

The lake is unbelievably beautiful.

I hope my dad catches the big one someday. His perseverance is amazing.

I love my weirdo family. Why must you all go back to schools far away when summer ends?

What are your favorite family vacation memories?
Do you regress around your family? Or are you still adults around them?

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  1. Hey Nicole! First, you should for sure buy all 3 blazers :) Second, my favorite family vacation memories are from St. Pete Beach, FL. We stayed in a room right off the beach, and it was AMAZING!!! My sisters and I used to regress, but now that we're married and momma's we've just sort of chilled and it works well...although my little sis will always seem TOO young to do ANYTHING :) I'm sure you can relate :)