Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 Things on Tuesday

1) Sorry for being a bad blog friend- I've been in kind of a blog slump lately. Don't worry, though, I'm planning some heavy posting soon!

2) I had a three day weekend this weekend, and apparently I was so relaxed that I slept through 4 snoozes on my alarm clock. I woke up 10 minutes later than my usual departure time, and I've been flustered all day. My boss walked in on me straightening my hair at school and just laughed at me. Whoopsies.

3) Kev and I have two super fun trips planned this summer: Peru for two weeks in July (for our anniversary!) and a trip to Vegas with his dad's side of the family for Labor Day. I am so excited; I always saw my adult life as full of travel. I don't function well unless I know when my next trip is.

4) I just taught a unit on semi-colons, and now I want to use them all the time. I feel smarter than most people; I can use semi-colons correctly. Booyah.

5) This past week, Kev and I cleaned out our bookshelves and sold our unneeded books to MarketFresh books in Evanston- an amazing bookstore that prices its used books by the pound. I'm hoping they give us a decent buyback rate so I can perk up my classroom libraries with some new titles.

6) Really, though, it was super difficult to decide which books to keep and which to get rid of. Kev and I are both avid readers, and when we combined our libraries, we realized we had a TON of books. So many, in fact, that our last bookshelf collapsed for no reason a few weeks ago. Finally, we decided that if we wouldn't recommend or loan the book to a friend, we shouldn't keep it around. I hate weeding. I know it's a necessary part of maintaining a library, but I hate it. My books are my friends.

7) February usually drags for me, but this month has seemed to fly by! Maybe I just had such a terribly stressful January and February last year that made it woeful. Or maybe it's the super-mild winter that we have had so far- either way I'm not complaining. Bring on March!

8) I'm really sick of having my house look like a hot mess, and I'm playing around with some weekly chore schedule ideas. Do any of you have any that work well? I'd love to see them. Pinterest has a few, but I'd much prefer the tried and true methods.

9) I hate when people pronounce Pinterest as Pin-ter-est. I don't know why, but it grates on my nerves. Pin-trest people, Pin-trest. It also irks me when I see people planning for life events before they happen (baby boards for women not yet pregnant, wedding boards for people not yet engaged) Live in the now, peeps.

10) Speaking of Pin-trest, I made a magnificentlow calorie pumpkin bread yesterday. It was awesome- so moist and delicious, and low-cal to boot. Hells yes. Even my pumpkin-loathing husband ate some. Now, I totally want to try subbing applesauce for other desserts. Anybody have good recipes?

Love you all! Happy random Tuesday! What's on your mind today?

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