Thursday, August 2, 2012

10 Things Thursday: Class Edition

I've been in a 9-5 one week, four credit-hour intensive class on emotional and behavioral disorders this week. Yes, that explains the silence over here. Yes, it is as terrible as it sounds. To make up for it,  here are ten observations from my time in class.

1) Someday when I'm pregnant, I'm just going to hide in an all natural vegan cave. There is a LOT of crap in the environment that can mess a kid up big time.

2) People will do anything for a reward. I, personally, will take an entire semester of coursework in one week to be rewarded with more free evenings over the total summer. Man, are people (me) fools or what?

3) Why is it so hard to find healthy food in a vending machine? And why can't there be a student fridge so that I can just bring my own darn food?

4) I drink way too much water. Consequently, I foten sit by the door so that I can dash out as needed. Super awkward.

5) Sitting for four hours straight between breaks does not make my rheumatoid arthritis happy. My knees were so stiff yesterday, I tried to get up and almost fell out of the chair. I feel like the freaking Tin Man. Awesome.

6) I have definite pen preferences. Most preferred: Clicky top smooth (ball) point. Next: cap top, smooth tip. Last: scratchy pens that make noise when you write. Hate those.

7) I've invented a new word. classhole: (def) a person who repeatedly moopolizes a class discussion with personal, often arbitrary or unrelated thoughts, ideas, arguements, or diatribes. sample sentence: Mary was a real classhole today when she spoke for 11 minutes straight about her son's journey with ADHD and how much she hates her son's school.

8) Mary is in my class. So are two of her classhole friends. Help. Me.

9) I really miss undergraduate classes' uniform policy. I wish I was wearing a hoodie and pajama pants right now, holding a cheese bagel and ogling hot guys in my class. Strangely enough, summer teacher education coursework doesn't usually draw the hotties. Go figure.

10) TGIT. Or, TGAF. One more day 'til freedom.

What would you rather be doing right now?

What do you wish was more socially acceptable to wear out in public?


  1. CLASSHOLE! I love it. I, too, have known many a classhole in my exploits at DePaul. That is the PERFECT word to describe them.

  2. I have one of those in my Type 75 Cohort. Lucky me, I get to be with her for the next year.