Friday, April 8, 2011

5 Things Friday

1) I am meeting up with one of my favorite people and bestest friends tonight for sushi. Not the chill, byob sushi by my place, but a trendy sushi place in my old trendy neighborhood. I am greatly looking forward to some swanky drinks. I'm not, however, in the mood to look terribly cute. Skinny jeans, t-shirt and scarf it will be!

2) Speaking of jeans I have a terrible pair of mom-ish jeans with wide legs that were in style about five years ago. Even though they are hideous, I keep them around to wear on Friday jeans day at work. Today, however, they busted a hole in the upper thigh. Thankfully, you can't see them. Also thankfully, I'll be working with older students next year so I can buy a cute pair of trouser jeans without fear that they will end up ruined by purple glue stick. Junior high teaching may have more secret joys than I realize.

3) I need to learn how to use manual focus on my camera. Last week I went downtown and practiced shooting. While I ended up with some cool pics that I will post soon, I somehow couldn't get the camera to capture the vision I saw. This is for sure my fault. Reading and practice would help. Being done with grad school would give me the time to do so. Good thing June is around the corner....

4) My parents came to school today to talk to my kindergarteners for "community helpers" (career) week. They are a doctor and a nurse. It was really weird to hear them call me Mrs. Gas. Even though everyone else at school has been for almost two school years. So odd.

5) Speaking of Mr. Gas: the other day, Kev asked me a tough question. Namely, if I were to be stranded on a desert island with only three ice cream flavors to eat, what would I choose? I chose Moose Tracks (fudge and peanut butter cup chunks in vanilla) dark chocolate fudge, and vanilla with raspberries. Kev argued that vanilla with raspberries is not a flavor. I disagree. I know there is a raspberry vanilla swirl out there somewhere, and that is what I would want. Kev picked strawberry (his fave), moose tracks, and cookie dough, arguing that if you got sick of ice cream, you could get the cookie taste. I love the way that man's mind works. What would you choose?

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