Friday, April 15, 2011

5 Things Friday

1) The above scene made ma laugh out loud this morning. Which is a hard thing to do, because I am a beast in the morning. I hate them all. I do, however, believe that this is the politest house near us. They also have a sign on their gate that says "please close me." Although, I must admit, I think I now qualify as a large pet because I stepped right where the sign gently admonished me not to in order to capture this photo. Oopsie.

2) Why does my entire facebook feed revolve around people getting pregnant, their babies, or their uteri? (uterus-es? what the butt is the plural of that wretched word?) Facebook might as well just have put a big magenta sign on my home page that says "YOU ARE GETTING CLOSER TO THIRTY! BEWARE!" Yeesh.

3) We are going to one of my favorite dive-y northside bars tonight to watch the Blackhawks playoff game. All I can think about is eating my body weight in their fried pickles and buffalo chicken tenders. Thank God I went to an abs class yesterday. I think I have the soul of a 12 year old overweight boy. Or any of the kids from the movie Heavyweights. I love my inner fat kid. Or at least accept it.

4) Felix (orange cat) pushed out the screen from our second story window this morning and sat on the sill wrestling and playing chicken with Dante (black and white cat). Good thing we have two cats just in case an accident happens.... Our neighbors, I fear, think we are insane and/or permit our cats to do such things. Kev was ticked, to say the least.

5) Speaking of my dearest husband, his 28th birthday is coming up and I have NO idea what to get him, as the art supplies that I thought were such a brilliant gift for Christmas have gotten zero use. Message/email me if you have suggestions.

Happy Friday!

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