Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Day on the Lake

One of these beers is not like the other.....one of these beers has been in the sun too long.

*** If your brain does not think in song like mine does, that should have been sung to "One of these things is not like the other" a la Sesame Street circa 1988.***

ANYHOO, Kev and I went up to my parents' lake house for the first lake weekend of the summer this past weekend. It was rad. I loved the chance to get away with my family and my best guy in the midst of the final days of the school year and masters program. Most of the weekend was cool and crisp, but yesterday, just after my parents left, the sun came out to say hello. Kev and I decided to take the boat out. We had a fabulous day on the lake with lots of sunshine, moderate SPF and beers, and minimal stress. I finished the last 400 pages of a 461 page book (She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb for my chunkster challenge) and lounged in the sun. We ate a picnic lunch at sea and soaked up the rays of the second real day that has felt like summer since last October. All was well and good until......

We couldn't get the boat started to get back in and head back home. I'll spare you the grunting, swearing, sunburning and panic that ensued to say that I am proud that Kev and I managed the ordeal by making a plan, not screaming at each other, and getting the boat towed back to my parents' place. I will also say that I am glad to have such a strapping, able-bodied, tall husband that was able to stand near the shore and push the boat up to a stranger's dock so that we could tie it up and call for help. I will also tell you that I now have created a rule that I am not allowed on a boat without my phone again. Nothing like a broken boat and a sunburn to make you realize how much less of an adult you are than you thought you were. Good thing I had my partner in crime by my side.

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  1. Every snafu is much better with a partner in crime, huh? Sorry about the sunburn--for me that would be the worst part.