Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photography Update

I took this photo about a month ago, while I was on spring break. A friend and I headed downtown with our cameras and got artsy with our bad selves. Throughout the day I think my photography skills got better. I took a few duds, but a lot of shots I really liked. And that's when it hit me.

To be a better photographer, I need to PRACTICE. Duh. I constantly tell my students that if you want to learn to do something that is hard for you, you need to practice, practice, practice. That if something is hard, then you need to work harder to make it happen for you. And yet, I haven't quite been able to apply these lessons to my own photography.

I think the problem is time. I'm not making time to take the camera out and wander. I'm not making time to complete the MCP photo challenges that I wanted to do. Grad school and work are getting in my way. To top it all off, it's been raining, and really, there are only so many things you can photograph in your home. Especially if you only have two crotchety cats rather than cute babies or something. Maybe I'll get really good at self-portraits.

So I ask you photo people out there: what websites/tutorials/books helped you unleash your inner shutterbug? Help!


  1. Have you read outliers? There is a chapter about practice...most people who are good at things have had 10,000 hours of practice at said things. Just saying! Melissa

  2. Eh, even cute babies get boring to photograph after a while. ;) I'm also trying to brush up on my photography so share if you find any good websites. I've been on the lookout as well.

    Congrats on finishing grad school. Big feat, I know. Enjoy your blog--thanks for visiting the other day so I can stumble back upon you. ;)