Monday, March 23, 2009

A Wedding Website?

So I get an IM from Colie today, "should we set up a wedding website?" Oh crap.

Have you ever seen a wedding website? Here's the story of our loooovvvveeee. Here's how he proposed, "it was the most romantic thing ever." Blah, blah, blah... Yes, I know - this is our blog about getting ready to get married - shut up. And yes, I was the one that volunteered our story for our high school alumni newsletter - shut up.

I'm fairly certain that Colie's going to set it up whether I want to or not, I'm just hoping that she'll tell me the password, and that she won't mention the fact that the day I was going to propose I came home and fixed the toilet prior to asking for her hand.

Also, I checked the mail the other day and saw that there was an invite for the "Proud to Run" race the day before the Pride Parade. It made me smile, because last year "Proud to Run" was the day that I told Colie's parents that I wanted to marry her.

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  1. nothing makes me happier than you two blogging. what a testament to true love.