Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What I Know Getting Into This

Yes, I figured this out thank you very much. However, before we continue I want to make it known what I already know about my lovely husband-elect going into the home stretch before our marriage. We have been friends for ten years and dated for a smidge under two, so I feel well qualified to present the following 25 facts as the truth.Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what we're in for.

1) My fiancee is the most punctual man alive. He is always at least 15 minutes early for everything. I, however, come from a long line of people who are at least 20 minute late, which continues to drive him crazy.

2) He doesn't eat condiments.

3) He has the best laugh ever- more like a ten year old's giggle, and occasionally if something is really hilarious, he will clutch his chest as though imitating a scandalized grandmother.

4) He also knows more about Excel than any human being really should. Our guest list is color coded, with separate sections for invitations sent, RSVPs and gifts received, courtesy of him.

5) He claims that I talked him into getting our two kittens, but the truth is our neighbor is a vet student, showed him one, and he melted.

6) He is a very methodical, detail oriented person. I'm fairly certain that I arrived in his life like a tornado. I also think he would be really bored without me.

7) He is obsessed with zombies, and has already planned our emergency plan should they invade.

8) He is sneakily athletic at just about anything. I'm always impressed.

9) Going along with this he is extremely competitive. I once achieved pro status at Wii Bowling. He kept playing me one-on-one until he single handedly took it away. If anyone besides him has the high score on one of HIS video games, he will not turn it off until he reclaims the title.

10) He has the distinct achievement of studying in Rome for an entire semester and coming home knowing less than 15 words of Italian. I'm actually being generous when I say 15.

11) He loves stupidly happy pop music, and if you feed him enough beer, will dance and sing along.

12) He likes to test people he has recently met by saying horribly offensive things just to see if they take the bait. Most do.

13) He has a big heart, and is extremely loyal.

14) He has had many of the same friends since kindergarten, and we all went to high school together. Embarassing stories abound.

15) He can spend hours in a book store with me, although he usually manages to find the most boring seeming book in the economics or finance sections and then purchases it. I think I've fallen asleep just looking at a few of them.

16) We talk each other into the most ridiculous pursuits. He has talked me into playing floor hockey, polar plunging twice, and taking shots of Jamison when extremely ill-advised. I have talked him into eating sushi, running 5 mile races, and buying sweaters that have never appeared on the Cosby show.

17) Speaking of apparel, he owns a pair of the whitest shoes I have ever seen. He has worn them into Lake Michigan and they are STILL gleamingly white. Also, they are Rebocks which should say it all.

18) He has amazing taste in television. We watch SVU, Top Chef, and Tool Academy.

19) He had a nervous breakdown while registering because he didn't know so many types of plates existed. He was similarly amazed when he found out exactly how many variations of white there are while picking out his tux.

20) Deep down, he is a very traditional person. He doesn't like things to be unsettled, and tries to keep his world as black-and-white as possible.

21) When he grows up I think he should wear bow ties.

22) He is truly incapable of separating his under shirts from his polos before doing laundry.

23) He loves puns. He ALWAYS follows up the question "Did you get your hair cut?" with "No I got them all cut"

24) I can't stay mad at him, and I'm pretty sure nobody can. I've tried and it doesn't work. Something to do with the giggle I think.

25) I cannot possibly envision my life without him.

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