Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Wrap-Up

The Plan: To attack the epic piles of grading that come with the end of another quarter at school, and to work ahead on my April plans and activities.
The Truth: I never even took my basket out of the car. Instead, I slept in, lounged around, and buried my head in the sand-ostrich style.

The Plan: To get in some good, blood pumping workouts, and stretch them from 45 minutes to an hour because I had the time to do so.
The Truth: I only got three workouts in on my ten days off, and two of them were all halfhearted twenty minute routines on my living room floor. The third, with Trainer Thwomp, happened 45 minutes after I fell down my back, wooden stairs, bruising myself so badly in the process that I now look like I have a plum growing out of my behind. You're welcome for that mental picture.

The Plan: To change my name on my passport- the last remaining legal document with my maiden name- and to book hotels for the first half of our summer Peru trip.
The Truth: A very successful acquisition of a Groupon for five nights of luxury hotels. A very unsuccessful halfhearted gathering of the required paperwork for said passport.

The Plan: To clean my entire house at a leisurely pace, one room at a time.
The Truth: I sat on my leisurely behind, taking one, if not two, naps a day.

The Plan: To catch up on my reading backlog and to see The Hunger Games Movie.
The Truth: Success! I saw the movie twice, and read not one, not two, but three books! Stay tuned for some thoughts in this week's Friday Reads post. (Yes, I'm getting back on the blogging backwagon)

The Plan: was extensive, beautifully written on legal paper. It even accommodated for some of my weaknesses, like books and napping.
The Truth: They say that the road to Hades is paved with good intentions. If so, mine is paved with that new, super smooth low-maintenance-high-tech stuff they are using in Wisconsin. A major theme of this blog, and a major fault of mine, is making promises that don't always get kept. When I was younger, I thought being an adult meant having it under control and acquiring some amazing ability to organize. The truth is that I'm still a child in many ways. I want to be the kind of person that can be counted on; someone that Kev can trust to get things done the right way. The truth is that I still struggle. I can still do better. There is certainly room for improvement when it comes to my procrastination.

Yet I can't help but cut myself some slack, too. I'm beginning to realize that it isn't any easier to balance and to fight your feelings as you get older. What does get easier is anticipating what you need, and advocating for yourself. I think I'll always be fighting the procrastination beast, but I've also learned to listen, to trust myself more. When the voice in my soul asks for a second nap, I have to acquiesce. Maybe it's my body asking for some time to rest in order to fight an RA flare. Maybe it's my independent self, asking for some unscheduled me time. Maybe it's nose-in-a-book Nicole, the fourth grader who used to tune out her siblings and lose herself in stories on her way to church. The house will always get clean, the gym isn't going anywhere, but what I will remember as I get older are the moments that I really stopped and listened to myself with trust. So I guess I can't get too mad.

Even though Kev has next week off and will undoubtedly make me look bad with his productivity.

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