Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10 Things Wednesday (oops)

I started this yesterday but fell asleep on the couch at 9 and didn't have time to put it up until now. Whoops.

1) Yesterday I made a special trip to Target just to get this granola. I'm obsessed. It's delicious in my greek yogurt, and has become my go-to lunch staple. Here it is, modeling on my desk.

2) I have been having a hard time getting into the workout zone lately. I'm kind of dragging myself to the gym and it shows. Trainer James kicked my rear end yesterday. We basically ran stairs for thirty minutes. So not cool.

3) I've already purchased a few sundresses for this summer and they are sitting my drawers, taunting me. So not cool. Come on, midwest. Get with the month. It's MAY!

4) It's MAY! When did this happen? I guess school years fly when you are actually enjoying your job with relatively little drama.

5) Kev's birthday is this weekend. I bought him three presents, but had to show him one early because I was just too darn excited. Silly me. More on that later.

6) Some staff and I have been working on a dance something for an upcoming assembly, which involved me starting my day with a dance party and tons of staff. I think every day should start with a dance party.

7) I just discovered Amazon's Subscribe & Save program. Awesome deals, super convenient. This could be a problem. Despite how much I hate them sometimes, they have some smart ideas. If I buy local for 80% of my other products, I can enjoy convenient deliver of cat food, right?

8) God, that last sentence really made me sound like a crazy cat lady.

9) 26 wake up earlies for work left in this school year. I.Can.Do.It.

10) I cannot wait for all of our siblings to get home from college. They really have a good way of shaming the crazy out of us.

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