Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break!

I've been on spring break all week, and it has been awesome. I've done a ton of lounging, and have mowed my way through the first two books in The Hunger Games trilogy. Oh, friends. Read them immediately. A strong female character to be the anti-Bella Swan that is still relatable, action, romance, these books have it all. I'm mildly obsessed. I'm also super pissed that they whitewashed the characters for the movie version, but that's another post for another time.

Now I realize, you might be thinking "Why Nicole, with all this free time, wouldn't it be wise to update your blog more frequently than you usually do?" and I hear you. I meant to bombard with my usual posting schedule and more but I....didn't. Because I've been sitting on my couch. See?

I'm also being stalked by cats, which is more terrifying than it sounds. I'm fairly certain Dante is judging me for not working while Daddy slaves away in his office all week.

Sometimes, it's so terrifying that I have to flee outside, get on the el, and head off to poke around new places in the sunshine. Today, I'm headed out with my fancy camera to take some pics of the city, and then probably finishing Citizen Girl, a book that ended up being much more chick-lit than I usually prefer. Meh.

If you are rivited by this post of my exciting staycation, follow me on Twitter @colie025, where I will be giving hot updates under the hashtag #springbreakbitches. Also, as a personal favor, if you have a gmail account, please oh please would you follow this 'lil blog? It helps me figure out how many people are reading, and my goal is to hit 50 followers by the end of 2011. So do it, I won't bite. Hard.

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